Many thanks for the beautiful presentation you provided in Luling last Saturday.  The Harper family was quite impressed as were the members of our staff and my Pastor as well!  She said she really appreciated you and what you provided... Sincere, professional and very well done!  Thanks again, and I assure you I will be spreading your name around!

Nelson E. Scheler
VP/Operations Manager
Porter Loring Mortuaries


I loved the inernment ceremony- it was beautiful with the doves.  I didn￿t have that opportunity with my Mom & Dad.  Releasing the dove myself was very emotional, yet a feeling of closeness to her knowing that the ￿Trinity￿ of the other 3 doves will carry her spirit to the heavens.

Marie S.


Col. Hirsh asked me to thank you and to be sure to let you know what a ￿beautiful￿ moment you provided for his ￿Beckie￿.  Trust me, it helps people more than I think you understand.  Your dove ceremony helps people to heal, and you make a difference with what you do everyday. After 18 years in the funeral industry, I still get emotional when I see people react to you and what you do!

Rich Gardner
Operations Manager
Gabriels Funeral Home


Things have finally started to settle down a bit and I wanted to take the opportunity to say ￿thank you￿ for your services.  It was amazing to receive the responses we got to the doves.  It really helped people to settle their own feelings.  We as a family deeply appreciated being able to share this event with others.

Debbie A.