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Add beauty and splendor to your event with an Austin Texas white dove release by LoneStar White Dove Release. White doves are symbolic of Peace, Love, Unity and Hope. The significance in the release of white doves and the symbolism of their journey will give your event a powerful, meaningful, and lasting impression, as the doves grace the sky, circle together and fly off into the horizon.


"Yes, they really do fly home!"



White doves provide a stunning, spiritual and emotional effect at weddings, memorials and many other special events. Our skilled and knowledgeable staff will consult closely with you to customize your release plan so that it is unique to your occasion. We offer a variety of plans, from the simplicity of a hand held release to the magnificence of the release of an entire flock. We provide an assortment of decorated baskets, gift boxes, and display cages. A white dove release is a great gift idea, and gift certificates are available. White doves are also commonly sent in lieu of flowers.



LoneStar White Dove Release offers a unique and personable service throughout Austin, Texas and the surrounding communities. Our doves are healthy, properly trained, and are accustomed to being handled. We insure the safety of our doves and require that conditions allow for our doves to fly back safely to the comfort and security of their home loft (yes, they really do fly home!). Our attendants are reliable, and will arrive on time and appropriately dressed for your occasion. With LoneStar White Dove Release, your event is sure to be remembered!



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